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Car Insurance Personal Injury

Car Insurance Personal Injury
In today’s time having insurance has become a must, whether it is healthcare insurance or our car insurance, we travel from one place to another through most of the work. Personal Injury Insurance can be done for you in case you get hurt or get into an accident in the car.


A personal accident cover is mandatory and provides coverage for medical expenses on account of and does not cost you money.

If the owner or driver of the car is injured in an accident due to any reason, then car insurance personal injury comes in the form of an add-on cover cover, which gives a comprehensive or no third party cover. The car insurance policy holder pays an additional amount to them, you can buy it for yourself and you can use it as your personal injury in case of any accident.

What is Personal Accident Cover in Car Insurance?
Personal accident cover comes as an important cover in car insurance, this personal accident cover deals with the owner-driver accident as a means of protection for accident related injuries or financial security to the relative in case of death , which is given after an accident. Financial Security Motor car insurance companies allow you to drive stress free and also provide you with a variety of facilities.

A personal accident policy helps in paying the medical bills as per the pre-determined norms of the insurance policy, it will help you in paying your hospital bills in case you suffer an injury. The policy can also take care of your financial commitments when you are unable to meet them after the accident. Along with this, conditions related to disability, bodily injury, or loss of body part at the time of accident, for which you are provided cover. Additionally, it also provides a lump sum payment to your family in case of your unfortunate death due to a vehicle accident while driving.

Car Insurance Personal Injury – Bodily Injuries
You can get hurt anywhere while travelling in a car, for which you are also provided with different compensation for different injuries under Car Insurance Personal Injury. This compensation is decided on the basis of your injury, in which the cover is fixed from the minor injury to the death of the present. We have shown you below some bodily injuries that are covered by this insurance.

Nature of injury and scale of compensation –
100% cover is provided in the event of death.
Loss of both limbs or vision in both eyes 100%
Loss of a limb and loss of sight in one eye 100%
Loss of one limb or sight of one eye 50%
Permanent Disability from Injuries 100%
Hospitalization charges, treatment expenses and medical bills.
Many companies also provide you monetary benefits.

Benefits of Personal Accident Cover
Various types of benefits are provided to you in any insurance; it covers the benefits from your accident till your death. Along with this, it is very beneficial in reducing your financial risk if you become a victim of an accident. There can be many benefits of a personal car accident cover. like –
providing employment coverage
funeral expenses
vehicle change mileage
Financial protection against disability or death
Benefits of Home Modification with Educational Allowance
predetermined depreciation slab
Benefits of car insurance add-on cover for additional features
Along with this, the facility of online mode to buy the policy
Personal Accident Compensation for Owner-Driver
Personal accident insurance for the owner driver also comes under this. In this, the car owner is required to buy a personal accident of 15 lakhs as per the rules; it comes according to different guidelines in different countries.

Updated: March 11, 2023 — 12:26 pm

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